Noble Silence - European tour with Tor and Dirty Art Club + guests

Thrilled to announce the Noble Silence European Tour -- October, 2018, with Nym, Tor, Dirty Art Club, Poldoore, Mononome, Ours Samplus, Moderator, and Mount Ten!

Oct 12, Bordeaux
Oct 13, Nantes
Oct 17, Brussels Ancienne Belgique - AB Club
Oct 19, Paris
Oct 20, Berlin
Oct 25, London
Oct 26, Thessaloniki
Oct 27, Athens

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"Lilac Chaser" out now - May 17, 2017.

Illusions yield deeper insight into the nature of the observer, rather than the nature of the observed.

Lilac Chaser is an instrumental downtempo soundtrack to human sensory perception, and our attempts to map what is real. At times playful and sly, nostalgic and dangerous, Lilac Chaser blurs the line between between our senses and our surroundings -- our struggle to make sense of a vivid and complex material reality.

This album is for those who have followed the imagined cinematic journey that began in the dusty hills with “Warm Blooded Lizard” and contorted through the lens with “Convex.” Several of the songs revisit characters and places explored in songs like “Lesser Known Good,” “Come Back,” “Tall Talk,” and “Shortlife.”

listen below on Spotify, or buy at Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc.

Nym - "Lilac Chaser" 2017 album announcement and single release

Yesterday the downtempo playlist curator DLoaw and Co released the first single from my upcoming 2017 concept album "Lilac Chaser," scheduled for release on May 17.

The song is titled "Sensory Fade" and introduces the theme of the album - illusions, and our unique and incomplete abilities to map reality with our senses. "Sensory Fade" represents the playful side of this motif -- the rabbit and the duck, the old woman and the young maid. It is a song to play while racing up and down Escher's stairs.

Listen above on Youtube, or below on Soundcloud.

"Convex" 2015 on Loci Records

"Convex" is finally here. 

San Francisco producer Nym has enchanted listeners with his continuous stream of zen-like tracks comprised of ambient beats and a psychedelic groove. Now the producer has been recruited by life-long homie Emancipator for his label Loci Records. Nym will be releasing his fourth album, Convex, with the imprint on October 27th.

Listen and purchase "Convex" below, or head over to the Store to order a CD: